Making sure nothing, and no one, gets missed

The constant stream of data generated by technology-enabled cardiac devices provides invaluable insights into a patient’s well-being. When monitored effectively, these devices not only improve care, they also reduce in-clinic device interrogations while expanding continuity of care and minimizing risk.

But the reality is that many cardiac care providers don’t have the required staffing, technology or training to properly monitor these devices. This creates operational inefficiencies in a number of areas, from missed clinical alerts, to missed billing opportunities, to missed follow-ups when a patient stops transmitting.

We created IronRod Health to help hospitals and clinics overcome these challenges. Slick software is simply not enough. For your practice and your patients to be at their best, you need reliable, well-trained device techs working on your behalf to ensure that no patient slips through the cracks.

Complete Remote Monitoring

Every patient. Every device. Every Day.

Complete Remote Monitoring was specifically built by industry veterans at IronRod Health to solve these challenges. This comprehensive solution ensures your patients’ devices are properly monitored while streamlining how these devices integrate with your broader clinic infrastructure. Here are just some of the advantages:

Higher Quality

  • Provide daily device monitoring by experienced and certified techs
  • Maintain ongoing insurance eligibility verification
  • Simplify patient education, enrollment, and setup
  • Ease reporting with HIPAA-compliant EMR integration
  • Provide transparent reporting and billing support
Our monitoring services help you do more with less strain on your resources