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IronRod Health owns and operates the Heart Rhythm Academy, one of the few vocational institutions specializing in cardiac device training in the western United States. This intensive training program is designed to produce device technicians well versed in both the clinical and practical aspects of cardiac device service, including remote monitoring. The result? A capable, motivated staff that you can depend on to make a positive impact with your patients, day in and day out.

When you hire a cardiac device technician trained by us, you can count on a number of valuable benefits.

  • Work with only the best trained technicians
  • Elevate the patient experience
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
A cardiac device tech undergoing training at an academy

Device tech training with your needs in mind

If you’re looking to place a top-notch device tech in your clinic, we’re uniquely qualified to help you do that. We can also help you train your existing staff, helping them elevate and refresh their skills. Whatever need you may have, you can rest assured that our training solutions will put you in a better position to care for your clients while helping you increase efficiencies and lower operating costs.

We help device techs expand their knowledge and hone their skills

Become a cardiac device technician

If you are interested in becoming a cardiac device technician, your opportunity is just a heartbeat away. Our Heart Rhythm Academy provides programs and training for all types of cardiac devices, from every manufacturer, giving you the skills to succeed. More and more, our rigorous curriculum, industry leading instruction and placement program are making us the first choice for those aspiring to enter this fulfilling and rewarding field.

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