We Value What You Do!

Every day, incredible things are happening in the field of cardiac care, and you’re to thank! As a Cardiac Device Specialist, you’re an essential contributor to the industry’s success. You help providers deliver better care while also improving the patients’ experience in many ways. We think that’s something worth celebrating!

IronRod Health is an innovative company, founded by people like you, and committed to delivering excellent care. We understand the work you do and value your skills. To fit the lifestyles of our Device Specialists and accommodate our clients’ needs, we offer full and part-time in-clinic positions, remote monitoring positions, and device interrogation positions, all of which are available practically anywhere in the United States.

Those who work with us benefit from:

  • A positive and supportive culture
  • Skill enhancement training and continued education
  • Diversified device manufacturer portfolios and training
  • Placement opportunities in multiple geographic areas
  • Competitive pay
  • Flexible working arrangements (P/T, F/T, from home, from office, and clinic) – we work around your schedule

If you are a skilled Cardiac Device Specialist who is excited about patient care and wants to grow in your field and further your career while helping patients and improving the healthcare industry, IronRod Health is the right place for you!

If you're a top-notch Device Specialist or looking to become one, we're your biggest fan.

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As remote diagnostics reshape the future of healthcare, the demand for quality Device Specialists has never been higher. If you’re interested in joining our team, we can make it happen. We provide expert training for all types of cardiac devices and our placement program can help you find just the right opportunity. Fill out the form below to learn how we can help you explore the possibilities.

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