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Technology-enabled cardiac devices such as pacemakers have revolutionized how healthcare providers attend to the needs of their patients. But they've also created a serious challenge. Every day, these devices transmit an enormous amount of patient data to cloud-based platforms, where the majority of it goes unmonitored due to a lack of qualified device technicians or uncoordinated care. The result? A significant amount of risk both for the patient and for their healthcare provider.

We created IronRod Health to solve these problems while uncovering opportunities to improve productivity.

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Services tailored to your unique needs

We understand the challenges of operating a cardiac care practice where your time and resources are stretched to the limit every day. Many providers simply don't have the necessary staff, training, or technology to properly deploy and monitor cardiac devices for their patients, or to examine the deluge of data they provide. That's where we come in. IronRod Health provides a fully integrated and comprehensive services solution designed to elevate the quality of care you provide while significantly lowering risk and operational costs.

About IronRod Health Tailored Services

Taking your practice to the next level

Better care. Lower costs. Reduced risk. These are the outcomes we strive to deliver to our clients every day at IronRod Health. And it all starts by working closely with you to pinpoint how we can help you expand your services and capabilities to meet the needs of your patients, reduce costs and grow your practice.

We put your needs first so that you can deliver better care