Great care demands great people

Cutting-edge cardiac devices allow providers to elevate the quality of care they provide to their patients. But without committed and well-trained cardiac device techs to oversee their deployment and monitoring, these devices can fall short of their potential. Relying on multiple manufacturer reps to fill these needs can create costly challenges in appointment scheduling, billing and other areas. IronRod Health is here to help you solve these inefficiencies with highly-trained device techs dedicated entirely to your practice and your patients.

Confident Cardiac Device Tech provider

Get the help you need on your terms

Whether you have a large electrophysiology practice with a pressing full time need or a smaller practice looking for part time help to reduce your reliance on manufacturer reps, IronRod Health has a staffing solution for you.

Full-time Tech Fractional Tech
Full-time Tech

Ideal for

Hospitals, and large electrophysiology and cardiology practices.


Fill acute staffing needs with quality techs while avoiding the disruption and cost of employee turnover.

Fractional Tech

Ideal for

Smaller practices currently serviced by manufacturer reps.


Quickly and easily fill a part time need while avoiding the cost of hiring a full time tech.

Cardiac Device Tech

A comprehensive solution for improving quality and efficiency

Our innovative staffing solutions ensure that you’ll be able to attend to your patients’ needs effectively, efficiently and when they need it most. With highly trained and dedicated device techs working on a full-time or part-time basis, your patients and practice will benefit from:

Higher Quality
  • Work with qualified techs equipped to address a full range of clinical issues
  • Confidently cover any device, from any manufacturer, with in-house resources
  • Enjoy seamless coordination with existing device techs and practice staff
  • Fully integrate in-clinic checks with your remote monitoring program
  • Enhance both continuity of care and patient satisfaction
  • Provide additional training to your existing device techs
Improved Scheduling
  • Stop relying on manufacturer reps to fit you and your patients into their busy schedules
  • Eliminate re-scheduling of cancelled appointments due to unavailability of manufacturer reps
  • Schedule clinic visits with more flexibility, whether daily, weekly or monthly
  • Balance patient demands with device tech capacity to make your team as productive as possible
  • Free up your physicians’ time by eliminating distractions caused by having multiple manufacturer reps in the clinic
Better device techs means better care for your patients and lower risk for you